A Halloween Alternative.

Vision Outworked

Children of Destiny began from a passion of wanting to see children encouraged in the creative arts, dance, music, vocals, percussion and drama, and through that process, learn how to share and serve their gifts and talents with the community.

Light of the world is an annual community event run solely by Children of Destiny, for individuals, families, youth and children of all ages. This event is drug, smoke and alcohol free. It offers a safe alternative to Halloween with the aim of promoting unity within families and cultures within the community. To bring the community of Logan City together we partner with Local police force, the Local council, and local churches and businesses promoting the celebration of life in a safe, light and bright environment. We see this as a positive safe alternative to the darkness of Halloween. The aim of the Light of the World festival is to see families and individuals enjoy the City of Logan and its culture in an enjoyable and safe environment.

Our History and GROWTH
This event has been running since 2010. It has experience tremendous growth and awareness since its beginnings in a car park at the end of a street. Where the community gathered for a fun family night out. The first time we saw 1000 and new we had to move somewhere with a larger capacity, and it has grown substantially from there. When run over 2 days we saw between 7000-9000, coming in and out as it suited their family or the individual.

Teach kids about reach out with the love and power of God. The second hour we bus in children from all over our city for an ‘Hour of Power’ where they can encounter the LOVE of God in a fun, interactive and real way.

Sponsors Info

We invite marketplace and corporate sponsors to be a part of this community event. Every year, this event has grown with more than 10,000 local residents from around Logan coming to the Halloween alternative. A variety of food trucks, gift stands and various community organisations are invited to be a part of the coming 2018 Light of the World festival.

Now operating in its 10th year, In conjunction with the Logan City Council, Light of the World is a family friendly environment which include local talent from various dance groups and singing performances.

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